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Other Services

Other Services

An incredible benefit of Club Membership is an unlimited supply of clean polished diesel fuel available for Member private yachts. The fuel is provided to each club member at the Club’s tank cost at the time required. Club members will be required to reimburse the club on a timely basis.  

VSAT. State-of-the-art VSAT communications available 24/7. Please review the Published Reimbursement Schedule for fees.

Any member may request to hold a private function or party on Club Premises, provided that the request does not interfere with other members or the Club’s general use. The Club Director may authorize the function subject to reimbursement arrangements by the member for any out of pocket costs incurred by the club.

The ship’s hospital has extensive medical supplies, equipment and a limited pharmacy to accommodate a variety of medical conditions. The Club maintains a contract with Health Force Inc. in Seattle to assist with diagnosis and treatment recommendations on a 24 hour basis.

The Club has a large ice making capacity that is available to every member who visits in their private yacht.

Commercial laundry services will be available for all members either staying on board or visiting in their private yacht.