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Maximizing your Time at Sea
Maximizing your time at sea with no limitations on where you go and how long you can stay has always been a challenge for anyone who has gone to sea in their own yacht. Our motherships are designed to take the best shore side support services and transport them offshore to open up new places for boaters with a taste of adventure without sacrificing safety and comfort.

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Mexico Fishing

Fishing is one of the hobbies that some people take very seriously and when it comes to fishing in Mexico it is one experience that can be found few other places. The serious fishermen know this is the place to use their skill and talent for the fish found in these waters. The warm days, the salty air and fishing that is unforgettable when it’s with EPYC’s Mothership.

From the time that line hits the water till the time you leave the yacht you will be in fisherman’s heaven when your fishing in Mexican waters. Waters like the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez on the west side of Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean to the east. The Sea of Cortez is known for the fish that gather in it from the Pacific Ocean and is a sought after fishing spot for many anglers.

Fishing for Marlin, Sailfish and Tuna are just some of the daily catch and for any fisherman that makes the trip, just the thought of the big one that did not get away makes it all worth being there.

Then to have the comfort of a fully equipped yacht for pampering and relaxation makes it the ultimate fishing trip that fishermen who are novices or experts will not soon forget. The crew that takes care of every need so the fishing can continue no matter where the boat is or where it is headed. This is the definitive fishing trip not being the captain and part of the crew, just pure relaxing fishing with every need attended also. 

Then there is the thrill of knowing after a hard day of fishing there is all the relaxation and comfort that a vacation should have and that many fishing trips just do not have the luxuries. When staying in one of the yachts there are the luxury suites, the other amenities, like world class dining, the wine cellar, Jacuzzi and more on board that will make it a truly relaxing trip.

The non-fisher that is on the fishing vacation will not want for anything with the luxuries that are found on the EPYC’s Mothership, cuisine that will make any mouth water in a relaxed and salt air atmosphere.  The luxury suites, the activities that are available are sure to make the guest that does not fish has a memorable Mexico fishing trip. 

Fishing in Mexico’s waters might be unlike fishing anywhere else when it comes to catching bigger fish and having a crew to take care of everything else on board the yacht. This leaves more time for fishing, relaxing and really having the time to concentrate on the big Marlin that is waiting to be caught. This is the prefect fisherman’s paradise when it’s fishing from the EPYC’s Mothership that is not an over crowded experience, but one with family, friends a luxury yacht and the ultimate fishing experience. This is the way to have the fishing trip that can carry the fisherman through to the next Mexico fishing trip.



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